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About Us:

 Prisma Solutions Inc

is a family operated refinishing company!

 With fast changing trends hard to follow, we believe that what is not  broken it's not necessary to replace!

 That's why we offer a wide range of refinishing solutions to give your home elements that brand new, updated look and feel again! 

 Your bathtub can be bright white again (or any other color),

your counter tops can looks like a stone even if they are not and cabinets can be refinished in any color by your choice!

 Using only the best components made specifically for home refinishing industry,  the state of the art equipment and professional techniques we achieve the finest long lasting finish out there! 

 If you are an homeowner or realtor, you are flipping or renting, selling or buying or simply want to update your home or office you are on the right page!

 Contact us to learn how you can save a lot of money, time and nerves using refinishing vs replacing!

 Customer service and guaranteed satisfaction is our main priority.

Don't delay contact us today!

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