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Bathtub refinishing

Compare to the cost of a new bathtub and removal of the old one-refinishing is much more cost effective.

We will give your existing tub a shiny, new finish.

Bathtub refinishing is the process of refinishing the worn surface of a bathtub by re-glazing and re-enameling the bathtub completely. Any existing chip or crack are filled and repaired in order to salvage the rest of the tub rather than replacing it altogether. Refinishing usually takes just a few hours to complete and in most cases, you will be able to use the fixture the same day.


Shower refinishing

If your shower is chipped, scratched, stained or the color look outdated , we will help you salvage you old shower. We will refinish your shower and leave it with shiny , smooth, glossy finish.


Sink refinishing

If your sink is chipped, scratched, stained and difficult to keep clean, we will give your existing sink, new shiny finish. Compare to the cost of new sink, refinishing is much more cost effective.


Tile refinishing

We restore bath tiles. We will leave a nice clean look and feel to your space. Re-glazing your tile walls, back splash and tile floor is a cost effective and excellent alternative to save a money of tile replacement. Even if some of your tile is chipped, cracked or missing, it can be easily repaired and refinished to look brand new. Missing grout between your tiles can be easily filled prior to refinishing, too.


Counter top refinishing

Removal of an old countertop can be very expensive and complicated, especially if you have a tile backsplash to work around. We will re-glaze  your existing countertop right were it is.


Cabinet refinishing

We can refinish your kitchen and bathtub cabinets in any color. The final product is a smooth satin finish.  The average cost to refinish  your cabinets can save you thousands of dollars.

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